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We help companies transform their financial services with emerging tech for improved operational efficiency, greater transparency, faster response times and better customer experience. Paperless banking is now possible with digitization and remote services. Our fintech development services also include accounting software to help the organizations more rather than just handling daily financial dealings. We develop them intending to cope up with the burdens, cash, fixed assets, and others. Correctly selected fintech solutions will make life easier for all sides of interaction and automate most processes. Our Dinarys team is ready to offer you fintech web development and the implementation of any technologies you wish in your startup or existing project.

Data obtained from wearables, connected devices and sensors allow insurance companies to provide dynamic pricing, recommendations and personalized offers. Start-ups need to integrate their finance business with the mobile app to get a large base of end-users. With the help of an effective solution built by a top Finance App Development Company, you can improve in sales, market planning, customer services, user engagement, revenue, and many more. We offer banking app development solutions for corporate and retail banks worldwide.

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Such solutions are suitable for short-term purposes, but they may include a limited number of features. The global fintech market as of 2020 is worth $199 billion, and by 2022, this figure is projected to increase by ~35% to $310 billion. Project Practical is a management and career blog that was created by business professionals. Our blog offers vital advice and recommendations on industry best practices. Proven their serious approach to cybersecurity (in previous projects and/or by sharing knowledge). Robotic Process Automation – RPA bots take over the financial processes to enhance the productivity of employees.

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The company cares about both security and performance of the fintech apps they deliver. The company is an expert in fintech web and mobile app development, having in their portfolio crypto-trading, expense management, and wealth management apps. They worked with startups, small and medium companies, and corporations.


For the past few years, technology adoption across the financial landscape have been gaining increasing popularity. Not only the FinTech startups, but the existing banking and financial institutions are also investing a lot in financial technologies. Digital lending is one of the vital services of fintech software development. Financial organizations are remodeling the lending process so that customers do not need to visit banks to apply for loans. Lending software allows financial companies to use technology to automate and improve the loan decision process while offering user-friendly solutions and reducing costs. We are known as a leading financial custom software development company that has a partnership with large-sized and small businesses worldwide.

fintech software development companies

Me and Harry clicked instantly, thanks to our common passion towards Blockchain. They are currently working on a blockchain-based game for our company. Overall, Semidot Infotech is a complete package, low prices combined with top quality. I was pretty skeptical about outsourcing my project to a different country, but SemiDot proved to be even better than some of the companies I have worked with, within Europe.

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Klarna, a “buy now, pay later” trailblazer was the second, and Kraken, the largest cryptocurrency exchange by transaction volume in Europe, the third. Among the top fintech companies are also Visa , Mastercard , and Ant Financial . Go through their experience and portfolio looking for fintech projects. There’s a variety of federal and local laws that regulate how fintech businesses collect and use personal data. These are, for example, the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act or the Federal Trade Commission Act in the US, and GDPR in Europe. A vendor who understands business, not only technology, will make smarter decisions, prioritize more accurately, and finally deliver a better product.

fintech software development companies

With payments’ ever-evolving innovation, Softjurn recognizes that keeping up with all customers diverts your attention and time. They specialize in developing innovative custom payment gateway solutions that outperform the competition. The Software House’s team has designed, built, and maintained systems for Seed A, B, and C firms, as well as those growing into new areas. They understand the commercial and technological challenges that fintech companies confront as they strive to reach millions of users. I used their expertise in the building of an online comparison tool. I would highly recommend the ValueCoders as they go the extra mile to deliver a good product.

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Growing a general contractor business takes time and a lot of hard work, especially if you’re running things yourself. Fortunately, these days there are several pieces of technology that can help … My hope is that the website will then stand as a testament to all of the effort invested in it by so many people. The finance industry is revolutionized with the technological improvements over the past decade. Our team extension model is intended to help clients who want to extend their team with the right expertise required for their project.

  • The company has extensive experience in building fintech products for financial institutions, startups and banks.
  • According to them, their core expertise lies in delivering top-notch web and mobile applications.
  • Financial services represent one of the most competitive and in-demand sectors.
  • Correctly selected fintech solutions will make life easier for all sides of interaction and automate most processes.

So, finding qualified and experienced AI and Big Data professionals is a big challenge faced by fintech companies. In 2018, approximately 61% of Americans used some form of digital banking. Customize existing software with additional blockchain-based functions. This will require less time than creating a custom solution, and employees will spend less time learning about new features. These allow users to view their accounts and transactions through a financial institution’s app and conduct transactions 24/7 from anywhere in the world. They create new products and services based on the needs of their clients.

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The company has a team of 50+ software engineers who thoroughly understand their client requirements and provide tailored solutions according to their needs. However, the company doesn’t focus majorly on FinTech app development. With an 86% client retention rate, the company claims to have completed 220+ projects from 180+ clients. The company offers various FinTech development services, including Insurtech, Banking and Credit Scoring, Personal Finance, RegTech, FinTech Chatbots, and Payment apps. Founded in 2000, Praxent has been developing custom software solutions for the FinTech space.

fintech software development companies

Make the best fintech experience possible for millions of customers, large vendors, and investors. We give digital opportunities to introduce these breakthroughs into the Fintech business and help you become renowned as a provider of finance software development services. The company has core expertise in web and custom software development. Being a banking software development company, we provide efficient and top-class banking & finance solutions with lots of advantages. Some of it does include personalized services, lower prices, fast accessibility, high speed, and more security. One of the best ways to overrule this challenge is by conducting Penetration Testing.

It has branched out further into the financial services business with a new project, Uber Money. Uber Money is now in charge of everything related to financial products designed to support drivers. In short, Uber Money will control the credit card, debit card, Uber driver wallet, Uber Pay, Uber Cash, and other financial products that Uber may roll out in the future.

Leverage distributed ledger technology to simplify contract enforcement with your business partners, automate processes and securely operate large amounts of data. Pentest remains one of the most efficient practices for keeping ahead of attackers and consistently working on security improvements. Cloud solutions for fintech should feature the appropriate permissions for restricting data modifications or deletion. Generally, data ownership regulates the parties who are allowed to access, create, modify, and delete different data. In the fintech area, data ownership must be given by the security roles only.

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It is a blockchain-based crowdfunding platform where fundraisers/project posters will be able to create a fundraising Project & can raise funds. We handle everything from business analysis through the development and the product launch. The company has an array of institutional clients, including Volkswagen, Toshiba, GS1, HSBC, Toshiba. Merixstudio has also worked with scaled startups like Sendinblue and Burrow, and Moneyfarm. Additionally, this allows the launching of an ecosystem that covers all the required skillsets and capabilities to enhance security at different layers. For instance, this practice has already been implemented in multiple companies based in Singapore, the US, the UK, and some European countries.

Our blockchain developers are hands-on the cognitive technologies to deliver high-quality services and solutions to clients. Mobile Banking Software allows customers to access financial cloud team information and banking capabilities easily on their mobile phones. It enables users to make real-time payments, monitor account balances, pay bills and locate ATMs via a mobile app.

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USSD is a standard service in mobile networks that allows users to interact with the operator’s service application via short messages. For example, with the help of commands and requests, banks can find out a card’s balance, replenish a mobile account, block a lost card, etc. They develop software for different financial institutions and businesses. According to a report, the global financial technology market is expected to reach a market value of approximately $324 billion by 2026.

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These apps are not just secure and profitable but also help enterprises do multiple transactions in a single day. Additionally, the millennials and Gen Z are a tech-savvy generation. Thus, businesses that wish to survive and scale their operations in the digital world must adopt fintech solutions. A financial services company is a company that manages, invests, exchanges, or holds money on behalf of customers.

To tackle the issue of data ownership, companies should consider the strategy for efficient management of scenarios related to access privileges. Additionally, it’s also essential to make sure the database is stable, secure, and compliant with local regulations. Make sense of widely available huge volumes of data in every business aspect, including marketing, decision-making, revenue optimization, and more. Utilize our industry acumen and domain expertise to transform your services.

Financial services represent one of the most competitive and in-demand sectors. The pandemic has especially led to a sharp increase in online payments and exacerbated the issue of transaction costs. Consequently, businesses are updating requests for alternative modes of online payment, including electronic wallets, QR codes, and cryptocurrencies. Of course, international payment systems will not disappear, but solutions will be developed that will affect the changing role of Visa, MasterCard, and acquiring banks. In addition to their primary activity, these companies provide financial services.