Only the people, the places and specifics alter.

Fountain Valley, CA. The importance of history is being has been questioned. Los Altos Hills, CA. In our current world, where the focus is on tomorrow and today the significance of the past is often put in question. Highlight of the Program The Online Bachelor’s Degree in History.

Many are skeptical of the actual value of studying history. Students who pursue the online bachelor of Arts in history degree get an education that is interdisciplinary. Some doubt the value and importance of studying things that took place many years ago. The curriculum covers a variety of areas like sociology, anthropology and political science and economics, as well as how they impact the growth of culture, society and the political structure. Many believe that history has little or no relevance to their lives or on the world as it is today. Students develop services critical thinking writing, research and writing skills to help them prepare for future studies or for effective communication at work and in fields ranging from education to public administration. Many doubt the importance of a background degree for the job market.

As with most bachelor’s degree programs that are online, a degree in the field of history will require around 120 hours of credit. Each of these topics merits some consideration, particularly for those who want to become historians. Students can finish the degree within four to five years, based on the number of credits completed each semester. It is essential to understand your motivations for why you choose to study the subject. In the majority of distance learning programs students are able to take classes completely online to give them the most flexibility.

As a scholar of the past you need to articulate and justify the reasons behind your choice. Spotlight Interview. This page offers a few short information about the benefits and importance of learning about the study of history.

Name: Brittney B. It can be beneficial to anyone who is considering a course, and also for parents or teachers who are advising students about history. Degree Bachelor’s Degree in History Mode: Online. John F Kennedy as a freshman at a college studying history. Q. The study of history requires a wide range of abilities.

What was the most memorable aspect of the distance learning you have received at your school? People who have negative or skeptic views of history believe that it’s just a simple recall of dates and events however, it is not much more. One of the major benefits for distance education is it allows for me to go to school while working normal hours. They think it’s simple to know what occurred over time. The possibility of finishing my degree online was among the primary reasons I chose the college of my choice. Anyone who’s studied history at a higher level can reveal that there’s a lot more involved.

I am happy how the Blackboard system as well as the portal on the web of the school are simple to navigate. It is necessary to learn and utilize many abilities. The most significant benefit is the flexibility to incorporate school around my already hectic schedule of work and family. Students in the field of history need to develop the ability to find examine, analyze and interpret both visual and written materials for the purpose of obtaining information and understanding. Q. They must be skilled in context, analysis, problem-solving and critical analysis.

What role did technology play in your online course and your courses? History students should be skilled communicators, able to convey their research clearly and concisely. Technology is as crucial as the curriculum. The study of history also draws upon and utilizes ideas and knowledge from a variety of other disciplines, like political science, legal studies sociology, economics psychology, philosophy, humanities and sciences.

I am a fan of the convenience of online classes, however the way they are presented and accessible needs to be in place so that the course can be effective. These abilities and skills are highly beneficial in the workplace and when studying different subjects. The Blackboard platform we are using is great in this regard.

History can teach lessons about present, past and the future. I’ve taken a number of online classes, and I’m planning to continue my education by taking online classes. As long as humans have been studying history, many are dismissing it as a bizarre hobby, a boring but unimportant fascination with the past, societies and the dead. Q. This is the view of American industrialist Henry Ford, who in 1916 declared that "History is mostly absurd … all historical record worth remembering is the history that we make in the present". Did your online program help prepare you for life after graduation? Ford’s negative perception of history although not unheard of, is inaccurate and sloppy.

I believe that the modern workplace is focused on employees’ capacity to become technologically proficient. The study of history is certainly necessary of the past, but it only increases your understanding of the present world. Learning online classes and how to navigate through different software programs for every class demands students to continue studying. Most courses in history focus on timeless topics and issues like how nations, communities and people interact with each other; the nature of leadership and power as well as the challenges faced by the management of economics and government as well as the effect of conflict and war on societies; as well as the relations between the different classes, wealth levels and labor. Learning new programs and be flexible is employers value and makes employees more attractive to employers. These issues, themes and challenges are a common theme in our societies. In order to be successful in business, you need be constantly evolving.

Only the people, the places and specifics alter. I believe that distance learning is an effective way of keeping up with the needs of the work environment and also the modern education requirements. The history of the world also offers a vital perspective for understanding the contemporary world. Online History Degrees: Associate’s. It is impossible to fully comprehend the current state of Russia and China for instance without understanding the ways in which these societies were affected by imperialism, war the revolution, communism, along with the Cold War. An associate’s degree in historical studies gives students an overview of the study and analysis of the events that have shaped the human experience. History helps you investigate and interpret.

In the initial year, students will take the core undergraduate courses like English math, philosophy, mathematics sociology, economics, and the arts or language. In order to be a successful historian or student one must first be an excellent researcher. The first courses of the major are integrated in the curriculum, including courses in the world’s civilizations as well as U.S. politics and sciences.

Research refers to the process of finding and analyzing information, and historical evidence from diverse sources.